Rat & Mice Removal in Pleasanton, CA

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Mouse and rat control is not a do-it-yourself project. Without the right knowledge and techniques, you will only increase your stress levels and potentially put your family at risk. At Premier Rodent, we focus on prompt rodent control using targeted methods to achieve personalized and long-lasting rodent removal near Pleasanton.

Preparing Your Home for Rodent Removal

If a home inspection has revealed signs of rodent activity such as a mouse infestation, your rat control service will develop a plan to eliminate these pests. There are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your home for rodent removal to speed this process.

  • Clean out the area beneath your sinks and on top of your refrigerator to allow your rat removal service easier access to these spaces. If possible, reduce clutter in areas such as home offices, attics, and crawlspaces. Make sure all areas of your home are easily and safely accessible so your rodent exterminator can reach them.
  • Create a list of areas where you have seen rodents or noticed signs of rodent activity. This list can be especially important for your exterminator, as traps are more effective when placed in areas that rodents are known to frequent.
  • Make sure that any food in your home is sealed in either a heavy-duty plastic or glass container. Food that is not kept in containers should be refrigerated or frozen. Follow this practice as soon as you are alerted to a rat infestation and continue to store food via this method for at least two weeks after rodent removal.

Remaining Vigilant After Rodent Removal

Your rat removal service will complete a thorough inspection of your property before and after extermination to ensure all pests are eliminated. However, it is beneficial to remain vigilant after rodent control services in case any animals were missed during the removal process. Premier Rodent’s wildlife, rat, and bird pest control experts will help you achieve a healthy, safe, and comfortable home or office space, complete with our one-year service guarantee. You can reach us by phone at (925) 417-0900 for answers to your questions about rat removal and rodent control.

  • If you spot droppings in your home, keep in mind that they may be old. Aged droppings will turn gray and crumble when disturbed, while new droppings are darker and less brittle.
  • Gnaw marks may be a sign of either a previous or current infestation. Newer gnaw marks, especially on wood, appear lighter, while older marks turn dark over time.
  • Placing flour or baby powder along previous tracks and runways can alert you to new activity if it occurs. Check these areas regularly to determine whether they have been disturbed.

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