Creating a Rodent and Bird Proof Property in Pleasanton

A bird or rodent infestation can put you at risk for many diseases and leave your home or office a mess due to urine, feces, and droppings. To completely rodent or bird proof your property, all pests and the factors that attract them must be addressed. If you need bird control or rodent management near San Francisco, Premier Rodent offers comprehensive rodent removal and bird control services tailored to your needs.

Getting rid of rats and birds is a multi-step process. Your rodent or bird control service will follow these steps to ensure absolute bird control and rodent elimination:

  1. Your bird or rodent exterminator will inspect your property to identify openings where birds and rodents can enter.
  2. Sources of food and water are located and removed from your property. This may involve cleaning or treating water features and ensuring garbage is properly contained.
  3. Any pests still in or around your home are removed. This step ensures that no pests remain after your rodent or bird control services are complete.
  4. Entry points identified during the initial inspection are repaired. Areas that may provide shelter (such as alcoves and eaves) are noted for additional rodent or bird control measures, such as spikes or mesh.
  5. Areas that have been damaged by droppings or nesting are thoroughly cleaned to restore the look of your property and prevent the spread of disease. Complete dropping removal will also prevent pests from being attracted back to your property in the future.

Common Problematic Birds and Rodents

Knowing the most common problematic birds and rodents can help you identify the culprit if your home becomes subject to an infestation. Call Premier Rodent today at (925) 417-0900 for help handling any bird or rodent infestation quickly and completely in Pleasanton.

  • European starlings have been a common problem in the United States since their introduction more than a century ago. These birds are typically dark with lighter-colored speckles on the feathers; their beaks range from yellow to gray, depending on the season.
  • Pigeons are the most common species responsible for bird infestations. While pigeons can vary in color, most are gray-colored with a lighter tail and two black bars on the wings.
  • House mice are the most common cause of rodent infestation in the world. They are light gray with a cream-colored belly and can produce up to 35 young each year.
  • Norway rats often cause property damage by gnawing on finishes, cabling, and other materials. These rats have small eyes and ears, short tails, and brown fur with a gray or white belly.

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