Rodent Proofing in Pleasanton, CA

Keeping Your Bay Area Home Safe

Rodents, birds and various forms of wildlife are not only messy creatures, but they can also carry a number of diseases. Yet, many people neglect to acknowledge the damage that these pests can do to their health, too. The only way to prevent rodents & other wildlife from invading your home is to have us proof your home. By proofing your residence, you can be sure rodents and birds are kept out for good.

Premier Rodent Proofing offers various services including:

  • Rodent Services: Rodents enter your home through structural defects or by simply gnawing their way inside. By thoroughly proofing your home, we can keep these disease-infested rodents away.
  • Bird Services: Pigeons are notorious for leaving their droppings wherever they please. Through our excellent pigeon clean-up and deterrent installations, you never have to deal with messy birds again.

We carefully inspect your home to determine the entry point for rodents and birds. From there, we will provide a comprehensive report along with an estimate for our services to be performed. Our simple method effectively addresses the rodent problem at the source, providing you long-time peace of mind. Premier Rodent believes you deserve to feel safe in your home at all times. Let us help you by calling (925) 417-0900.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Chemicals, No Baits, No Poison
  • We Offer A 1 Year Guarantee On All Work We Perform
  • Locally Owned And Operated Family Business, Since 1979
  • We Provide Quality Work By Trained Professionals