• What Attracts Nuisance Wildlife?

    While skunks, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons may be pleasant to see from afar, they can become a problem if they choose to make their home alongside yours. If you want to avoid calling an exterminator in Pleasanton, CA for animal removal this season, then keep reading to learn what can attract nuisance wildlife to your property.


    You may not realize it, but you could be inviting nuisance wildlife to your property simply by feeding the birds in your yard or leaving pet bowls on the ground. Also, if your trash cans have holes in the bottom or lids that don’t lock, then you may be offering raccoons a buffet to enjoy. Removing sources of food is one of the best ways to keep unwanted animals away from your property, so remember to clean up pet bowls, use squirrel-proof bird feeders, and replace old trash cans with pest-proof ones.


    The next problem to watch out for if you want to prevent a wildlife problem on your property is sources of water. These sources can be as innocuous as a bird bath or a dripping hose in your yard, or they can be more significant problems like poor drainage or a plumbing leak. To make your property less inviting to nuisance wildlife, you should address possible sources of water.


    If your property offers places for animals to take shelter, then you could be inviting skunks, opossums, and other creatures to make your home theirs. For this reason, you should examine your property for anything that may be used by animals for shelter. Some problem areas to look for include sheds, dog houses, overgrown shrubs, and wood piles. Lastly, keep in mind that wildlife may choose to live in places like garages, crawl spaces, basements, and attics if they can access them, so be sure that these areas are sealed off as well. A few strategies for doing this include patching damaged vent screens, installing chimney caps and door sweeps, and trimming tree branches back from your roof line.