How to Proof Your Home Against Rodents This Fall

When temperatures start to drop, pests like mice and rats start looking for warmer places to find food and shelter, which means that your cozy home may be at risk. If you’re interested in rodent prevention in Pleasanton, CA , then read on for some tips on mouse and rat proofing your home this fall.

Clean Up Your Yard

Addressing problem areas in your yard is an important part of effective rodent proofing, because they can provide rodents with shelter and easier access to your home. First, be sure that there aren’t tree branches touching or hanging too close to your roof, as these can give rodents easier access to your roof. Also, mow your lawn and trim back shrubs and plantings around your home’s exterior. Finally, be sure that you don’t have firewood or other debris piled up near or leaning against your home.

Seal Up Your Home

Another important step in fall rodent prevention is to make it more difficult for rodents to get into your home. To do this, you will need to seal up possible rodent entryways, so begin by walking around your home and scrutinizing every area for even the smallest of openings. While doing this, keep in mind that mice can squeeze their way through dime-sized holes, and both mice and rats can gnaw at small openings to make them wider. Some of the most common places where rodents make their way into homes include open garage doors, openings for utility lines, torn vent screens, and foundation cracks.

Remove Possible Food Sources

Finally, you may be unknowingly luring mice and rats to your property by providing them with sources of food. For this reason, you should search for ways that you may be feeding the pests as you go about rodent proofing. To get started, remove outdoor sources of food, such as pet food, bird seed, or unsealed trash cans. Indoors, you can sweep and mop regularly, store dry goods in pest-proof containers, and clean up dirty dishes and food spills right away.