The Importance of Rodent Proofing During the Winter

Rodent proofing in Pleasanton, CA is always important, but there are certain issues that tend to be particularly pertinent during the winter. Just like people, rodents want to get inside and away from the cold during the winter. Unlike people, however, rodents will crawl around in your air ducts and contaminate your HVAC equipment. Even leaving access points open for rodents suggests that your home is not as efficient as it should be. Read on for the importance of rodent proofing during the winter. pest - control

Rodents Want to Get Inside

Mice and rats are similar to humans in the sense that they want to escape the cold when the temperature drops for the winter. This extra motivation can increase your chances of dealing with a rodent infestation, which is why you should seek mouse proofing services even if you haven’t had a problem in the past. Rodents are small, nimble, and excellent at climbing, so there are all kinds of tricks they can use to make their way into your warm house. Ask your rodent control specialist how you can practice proper rodent proofing during the winter.

Rodents Cause HVAC Contamination

People tend to get more use out of their HVAC systems when the weather is particularly warm or cold. If your furnace uses ductwork in your home to circulate heated air, a rodent infestation can quickly contaminate your entire house. Rodents like to crawl through your air ducts and leave urine and droppings behind; as your treated air blows through the air ducts, it takes particles of these contaminants with it. Rodent proofing will help you keep rats and mice out of your home so you can enjoy better and healthier indoor air.

Access Points Are Inefficient

If rodents are able to make their way into your home, this means there is some sort of access point. Anywhere rodents can get in, air can get in too; this means there is unnecessary heat exchange between your indoor and outdoor air, which can drive up your energy bills. Have your rat control professional help you seal up any access points before the winter hits.