How to Keep Your Home Rat-Free Following Pest Removal

Did you recently have a pest exterminator remove rats from your home? If so, then you’re probably glad not to be sharing your living spaces with these rodents. To help keep rats out of your house, practicing rodent prevention in Pleasanton, CA is essential. Continue reading for tips on rat-proofing your home. rat - extermination

Remove Food and Water

Rats are attracted to places that offer food and water. So, start by eliminating sources of excess moisture in and around your home, such as poor property drainage or leaky plumbing fixtures. Next, remove food sources. Outside, ensure that your garbage cans close properly and that they have no holes in the bases. Indoors, you can make your home less attractive to rats by keeping your kitchen clean and the counters free of food. You should be disposing of garbage regularly, wiping down kitchen surfaces after meals, and storing or disposing of pet food that’s not immediately eaten. Finally, keep pantry items stored in airtight glass or thick plastic.

Seal Rats Out

Rodents can fit through incredibly small spaces, so sealing entry points is an indispensable part of rat-proofing. To do this, install door sweeps, repair vent screens, and caulk gaps around electric lines and HVAC equipment. During this process, it’s critical to address all areas of your home. Basements, crawl spaces, and attics tend to go overlooked, but sealing out rats in these areas is an essential part of the rodent-proofing process.

Hire a Professional

Eliminating factors that make your home appealing to rats and allow rodents into your home are the basics of rodent-proofing. While there are plenty of action steps for you to take as a homeowner, it’s often ideal to rely on the skills of a professional who specializes in rodent prevention. He can come out and perform an inspection of your home and property to identify potential problems that you may miss. For this reason, scheduling rodent-proofing services can significantly reduce the chances of your home suffering another rat infestation.