Tips for Making Your Home Less Appealing to Pigeons

Hearing birds singing outside your home can be a relaxing experience, but it’s much less relaxing when your home is a magnet for pigeons. Even just a pair of pigeons around your home can quickly turn into a family, until you have a full blown pigeon infestation. Your pest exterminator in Pleasanton, California , can help you make your home less attractive to pigeons.

First, the exterminators will clean up the areas of bird infestation, as pigeons are attracted to the scent of their mother’s droppings. Through thorough cleaning, pigeons will be less likely to return to the same spot. Since pigeons like to nest inside buildings as well as in eaves and around roofs, your exterminator can use wire mesh to block off possible entrances for pigeons. By blocking these areas, pigeons will be less likely to view your house as a possible home. Spikes are also sometimes used to deter pigeons from landing on your roof, and electric shock systems may be employed by your exterminator when the problem is more severe.

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