Can Fencing Help to Deter Pests?

When you are struggling to keep wildlife away from your home and yard, you may want to talk to your exterminator about the possibility of building a pest proof fence around your property. Certain pests, such as mice and rats, will not be deterred by fences. However, larger creatures, such as skunks and raccoons, may avoid your yard once it is fenced. A company that offers mouse removal in Pleasanton can work with you to design a fence that is targeted to your specific pest problem.

In order to decide whether a fence can assist you with your pest issue, you will need to consider the type of creature that is invading your yard. Some of the most common wildlife invaders are too large to fit through the boards of a sturdy wooden fence. Any creatures that are able to burrow or dig, however, may be able to get around your fence. An exterminator can answer any questions that you may have about the benefits and effectiveness of fencing your property.

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