Why Rodent Removal Is Essential for Your Family’s Health

During the fall season, rats and mice will be tempted to seek shelter inside of your house. Far from a minor nuisance, rodents can create a significant health danger for you and your family members. Professional rat and mouse proofing will ensure that your household is protected from the risks of a rodent infestation. With rodent prevention services from a company that offers rat control near Pleasanton, you can rest assured that your indoor spaces have not been contaminated with furry invaders. To emphasize the importance of proper rodent prevention, here is a look at the diseases that are carried by rodents. rodent - removal


Indoor allergies are among the most common health effects of a rodent infestation. Rat droppings, urine, and dander can all cause severe allergic reactions in certain people. If you have noticed that a family member is sneezing, coughing, or developing skin rashes, you may want to determine whether a rodent infestation is the cause of these allergic symptoms. Clearing a rodent infestation can help to alleviate indoor allergies.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted directly between rodents and humans. While leptospirosis infection is commonly associated with contaminated drinking water, a rodent infestation in your home can also spread this disease. Some common symptoms of leptospirosis contamination include headache, fever, muscle aches, and vomiting. In order to protect your family members from the serious health dangers of leptospirosis, it is important to practice effective rat removal strategies.


Rodents are notorious for carrying the deadly disease that is known as Hantavirus. Hantavirus can be transmitted through a rodent’s droppings or urine. When a person breathes air particles that are contaminated with Hantavirus, he or she may fall ill nearly immediately. Hantavirus is a potentially fatal respiratory infection that can cause fever, coughing, and severe shortness of breath. Fortunately, with professional rodent control services, you can avoid the risk of introducing Hantavirus or any other rodent-related diseases into your home.