Myths About Rodent Infestations

There are many myths that abound about rodents, their infestation effects, and effective rodent removal near Pleasanton, CA . By believing these myths, you could be damaging your home or the health of your family. Don’t become a victim of falsehoods and misinformation. Call for professional rodent control right away. rodent - infestation

Myth #1: Cats are effective rodent control.

Many homeowners and property owners may think they only need to adopt a cat or two to carry out their rodent control. Even though cats can catch mice and rats, they are not effective at catching and killing an entire infestation of these rodents. Cats should not be the only means of rodent control or prevention. Homeowners should consult their professional pest exterminator about more permanent and effective means to control the rodent population in their house or on their property.

Myth #2: Clean homes are immune to rodent infestations.

Rats and mice are often found in homes or locations that have a lot of trash or old food laying around. Due to these prevalent sightings, homeowners may believe that they are immune to a rodent infestation if their house is kept clean. Though a clean home is a good deterrent against rodents, it does not mean your home is immune to their presence. Rodents can find many different reasons—food, nesting material, and dark spaces—to infest your home, no matter how clean it is.

Myth #3: Rodents only cause chewing damage.

Rats especially have very strong teeth that can leave significant damage on wood furniture, and mice often damage clothes and linens. All rodents can cause significant chewing damage, but they can also cause various diseases, stains, and damage through their urine and feces. If an infected rat or mouse enters your home and contaminates your food stores, then you may be in danger of different illnesses carried by these rodents. Even if the rodent is not infected, it can stain your linens and upholstery with its urine.