Making Your Outdoor Space Less Attractive to Pests

There are many ways your front or backyard may be attracting pests. Trash piles, woodpiles, and so many other ways make attractive lairs and places to forage for pests. As your pest exterminator can tell you, there are certain ways to pest and rodent proof your yard to keep pests from making your yard their next home .

  • Remove compost piles and woodpiles. These are the perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of pests, including rodents, cockroaches, snakes, and many more.
  • Keep trash in sealed containers. Raccoons and other wildlife are attracted to the smell of trash.
  • Store, sell, or donate junk that accumulates in your yard. All sorts of pests will use these large structures as breeding grounds, nesting sites, and ways to infiltrate the rest of your property and home.
  • Make sure trees and bushes are trimmed away from the house. If you have tree limbs that reach your roof, then you may unknowingly be allowing rodents and pests into your attic and the rest of your house. Even with rodent proofing inside your home, you still need to keep these areas trimmed back.

Consult a pest exterminator on the best ways to rodent proof your yard.

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