What Can You Do to Keep Rats Away from Your Home?

If you’ve had to deal with a rodent infestation in the past, then you’re probably eager to find ways to prevent a recurrence. Rat proofing near San Jose can be done by following a few simple steps for keeping unwanted rodents out of your home. rats - rodent

Seal entry points.

Once the weather begins to cool, homes become especially appealing to rats. To prevent an infestation this fall, take some time to look carefully over both the interior and exterior of your home for any spots that could be used for entry. Common culprits are holes around pipes, vents with torn screens, and damaged roofing. Also, check behind furniture and appliances to be sure that there are no holes in your walls. Next, take a look at any trees and foliage that reach near or over your roof. Shrubs and branches create any easy path for rats and other rodents to access your home and should be addressed for thorough rat control.

Remove food sources.

An essential step in rat proofing your home is to remove access to any items that rats might want to eat. Any food that is not stored inside of your refrigerator or freezer should be sealed in glass or heavy duty plastic containers. Next, go outside and take a thorough look at your property while keeping an eye out for anything that might be a source of food for the rodents. This can include unsealed garbage cans, compost piles, bags of pet food, and bird feeders.

Hire a professional.

Once you’ve covered these bases, consider contacting a rodent control company if you still harbor concerns. These professionals know what to look for when rat proofing a home, and should be able to point out problem areas that you may have missed. If you’re concerned about the use of poisons and chemicals, this shouldn’t be a problem. Today, there are rodent prevention companies that use control methods which should not pose a threat to your family and pets.