Signs You Could Have a Skunk on Your Property

When you notice wildlife damage on your property, it can be difficult to identify the perpetrator without seeing it in action. Many animals, including skunks, are primarily active at night, so catching them red-handed can be challenging. If you’re wondering if you need help with rodent removal near San Jose , watch for the signs that can indicate the presence of a skunk on your property.

Three to four-inch holes in your garden or rolled back sod can mean skunk activity because these animals often damage lawns while on the hunt for grubs. You may also notice a faint, unpleasant smell in the area. Even when they don’t actively spray, skunks can leave an odor in their wake. If you catch a whiff of skunk-like odor around your yard, then one may have moved in and it might be time to look into rodent control from an exterminator.

Another sign that you may have skunks living nearby is if dogs suddenly begin barking at night, possibly having spotted a skunk out on its nightly rounds. If you’re unhappy with the idea of sharing your yard with a skunk, contact your local exterminator company about rodent removal services.

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