3 Strategies for Protecting Your Home from Mice

If mice are allowed to invade your home, you could be looking at potential illnesses, damages, and costly repairs. For effective mouse prevention, you need to schedule professional mouse proofing in Pleasanton, CA. Continue reading for three strategies that can help protect your home from a rodent infestation until your exterminator can arrive for mouse proofing . no - mice

Remove House and Yard Clutter

Mice are attracted to dark areas that are often overlooked by humans. For the most part, these areas will be filled with boxes, junk, trash, or a woodpile located outside. This clutter creates dozens of cozy hiding spots and plenty of material for nest-making or food. For effective mouse proofing, clear these cluttered areas out. If you have woodpiles, check them frequently for mice and other pests. If you have areas filled with many cardboard boxes tucked away, such as an attic or basement, transfer the contents into airtight, plastic containers. This will deter rodents from chewing holes into the boxes to reach the valuables inside.

Seal Open Holes and Cracks

Take a thorough walk around your property and home. Locate any cracks or holes that you can find, and seal them up. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a quarter, so the smallest crack should still be filled. Stuff it with steel wool and caulking. Afterward, cover the hole with metal mesh. Make sure your weather stripping and other seals around the windows and doors are completely secure, as well.

Hire Professional Rodent Proofing

The most effective strategy for mouse prevention is to hire a professional in mouse proofing. These experts know the correct methods, materials, and tools to keep mice from invading your home. They can locate the areas around your home that may be vulnerable to a mouse or rat infestation. They can offer various suggestions for the future, as well as cover these vulnerable areas up, to mouse proof your home and prevent future infestations.