Simple Ways to Tell If Your Rodent Removal Was Successful

After your rodent exterminator has finished rodent removal , you should still remain vigilant against future infestations in your San Jose or Pleasanton home. Most exterminating services will offer a one-year guarantee, at least, but mistakes can happen and rodents may still be on your property. Of course you plan for the removal to be successful, but there are a few ways to make sure your professional rodent removal was achieved.


Spread Some Flour

If you, or your rodent exterminator, identified where the common rodent tracks were inside your house, then keep an eye on those tracks after the rodent removal. The easiest way to see if these tracks are still being used is to spread some flour, baby powder, or some other non-toxic and fine powder across the floor. You will be able to see any rodent track marks if they are still present in the house.

Investigate Gnaw Marks

Chances are you have some gnaw and teeth marks on your furniture or floorboards. If these marks cannot be repaired, then keep an eye on them and other wooden fixtures in the house. As the gnaw marks age, they will darken with dirt, dust, and general age. Fresh gnaw marks will often look lighter in color. If you suspect your rodent removal was unsuccessful, then watch out for the differences in color in these gnaw marks.

Spot the Droppings

Seeing droppings, especially soon after a rat extermination, does not always mean the removal was unsuccessful. Often, droppings may be from the previous infestation, and your home is still safe after the rodent removal. However, there are ways to tell if a dropping is old or fresh. Similar to gnaw marks, older droppings will turn grey and brittle as they age. Fresh droppings will appear dark and firm. Keep track of common entry points and nesting sites around your house and property. If you notice fresh droppings in these areas, call your rodent exterminator right away.