How to Close the Door on Rodent Entries

When you are rat and mice proofing near San Jose and Pleasanton, there are some key entry points you do not want to miss. These areas allow the rodents easier access into your home. By finding these points and sealing them for good, your rodent exterminator will have a much easier job preventing future infestations .

Rodents are already such small creatures, but they can make themselves even smaller when trying to squeeze through a tight space in your house. These spaces might be vents located anywhere—the roof, ground, or outside the walls—or cracks in the walls or foundation. Even access points for vents, piping, or cables can provide just enough space for a rodent to squeeze through.

With effective rodent control, such as sealing these holes, you and your rodent exterminator can prevent a possible rodent infestation. Find these common rodent entry points and seal them right away. There are a few different options you can use when sealing entry points. Caulk, foam, and wire mesh are common sealers against rodents. Many exterminators may prefer a mixture of caulk and wire mesh to prevent the rodents from chewing through the caulking solution.