The Homeowner’s Guide to Spotting Nuisance Wildlife Clues

There are a few steps you can take to get rid of rats or control a bird infestation in San Jose, but you must recognize the problem before you can address it. Prompt bird and rat removal can restore your peace of mind as well as keep your home happy and healthy. Nuisance wildlife tends to leave certain clues, from droppings and urine to odd noises and aromas. You might also come across damage done by a pest or tracks that indicate its path. Keep reading for a look at the homeowner’s guide to spotting nuisance wildlife clues.


Droppings and Urine

If a pest is occupying your property, at some point you will likely discover its droppings or urine. Droppings that have been around for a while tend to be dry and lighter in color; they will also crumble easily. Fresh droppings, on the other hand, will be on the shiny side. You may find droppings from nuisance wildlife near entries to shelter, so keep an eye out when surveying the exterior of your home. You might also find urine, although it tends to be a bit more difficult. Rodent urine will glow under ultraviolet light; if you suspect that you have a rodent problem and you have an idea of where the rodents may have been, you can check using a UV light.

Sounds and Smells

Rats, birds, and other nuisance wildlife will do what they can to stay hidden, but there are a few giveaways that they cannot quite control. Most of these pests will make distinct noises when they are active. Depending on the pest, this can range from squeaks and screeches to hisses and scampering. You may also smell the odor of a rat, mouse, or skunk.

Tracks and Marks

Rats and mice are constantly gnawing on just about anything in their path, so keep an eye out for frayed wires or chew marks in your wooden structures. You may also come across tracks left behind by critters that have been roaming your property. If you notice any signs of nuisance wildlife, don’t hesitate to call your rat removal and pest control professional.