Could Rats Carry the Bubonic Plague?

While rats can be creepy, you might not think of them as overly dangerous. However, a rodent infestation could lead to the transmission of certain types of diseases; thus it’s wise to call for rat control serving Pleasanton as soon as possible. Watch this video to find out if rats could carry the bubonic plague and why rat control is necessary.

One of the problems with rats is that they may be hosts to other types of pests. Oriental rat fleas were carriers of the bubonic plague that claimed countless lives in the Middle Ages, and they can still be found on some rats. Fortunately modern medicine has kept death rates at a minimum; your doctor may be able to treat this condition with antibiotics. You can avoid exposure by taking steps to keep rodents out of your living space. Make sure they do not have access to shelter, food, or water to keep them out. Call for rat control if you’re worried about pests.