3 Ways to Reduce the Chances of a Mouse Infestation

Before you need to call your rodent exterminator near San Jose and Pleasanton , try to reduce the possibility of rats and mice infestations. By mice proofing your home and property, you can reduce the need for extermination with effective rodent control. Here are some easy ways to protect your home and family from a possible mouse infestation.


Seal Your House and Property

Mice and rats can squeeze themselves through spaces the size of a quarter, so make sure every hole you find in your property is completely sealed. This includes weather stripping on your doors and windows. If you notice any holes or cracks on the outside of your walls or foundation, then seal these up with a caulking or foaming solution that will sufficiently fill the hole. If you find a hole inside your home, fill it with a caulking solution. For both areas, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and wearing gloves in case of any contact with toxic chemicals.

Clean Up After the Family

Rodents are attracted to food of all kinds, so if your family has a problem with trash or cleaning up their dishes, then put a stop to this bad habit right away. Mice and rats will be doubly attracted to rotting food and trash. Make sure everyone picks up after themselves in their rooms. Seal all outside trash barrels, and clean up wood or junk piles on your property. As you clean up these piles, you may find stray mice and their nests, but you are already making a great stride in your mice proofing routine.

Declutter Regularly

Along with decluttering your yard of wood and junk piles, you should declutter the inside of your home, as well. Old and forgotten clothes piles in the back of your closet can harbor mice and their nests. If you do not declutter your attic or basement regularly, you may need to increase your rodent control methods, as well.