Comparing Rats and Mice

It’s important to be able to identify rats and mice in order to determine if you need to contact a rat or mouse exterminator for rodent control near San Jose . Mouse and rat removal and rodent control services might vary depending upon the species of rodent infestation. Because mice and rats have such different habits, each requires different rodent management, rodent removal, and rodent proofing techniques.

Mice and rats are both common causes of rodent infestations, and both require the professional services of a mouse exterminator or rat control expert. Mice have smaller heads, and their ears and eyes appear much larger in comparison. Rats are larger, and have longer, thicker tails. Both can enter your home or business through incredibly tiny cracks or holes, and will quickly begin building nests and breeding. Both carry and transmit dangerous diseases, illnesses, and pathogens. Both can cause significant damage to structures, wiring, furniture, and insulation.

A rodent exterminator can offer safe, effective mouse and rat control, including identifying a rodent infestation, trapping mice and rats and performing mouse and rat removal, and providing comprehensive rat and mice proofing services that eliminate the risk of a future rodent infestation. rat infestation