• Rodent Control Measures for the Spring Season

    Residential and commercial rat, mice, and rodent infestations in Pleasanton are very common during the spring season. A professional rodent exterminator can help you identify and implement safe, effective rodent control services and rodent removal that will get rid of rat and rodent infestations for good. Here are some rodent control services that you should consider for this spring season.

    Rodent Infestation Inspection

    The first step in effective rodent control and rat control is contacting a rodent exterminator to perform an inspection. A rodent exterminator can quickly identify even the most subtle signs of a rodent infestation. He will inspect your commercial or residential property carefully and thoroughly, looking for rodent access points, rodent urine and feces, and signs of rodent damage to structures or wiring on your property. If he identifies a rodent infestation, he will develop a comprehensive rodent control plan for rodent management, rodent removal, and rodent prevention.

    rat infestation

    Rodent Management and Rodent Removal

    Different rodent exterminators and rodent control companies might have different methods for rodent management and rodent removal. You want to choose a rodent exterminator who utilizes safe, effective, and thorough methods of rat extermination and mice extermination in order to ensure the safety and comfort of anyone who visits or resides on your property. This might mean choosing a rodent exterminator, mouse exterminator, or rat exterminator who doesn’t use chemicals, bait, or poison for his rodent management and rodent control services. Instead, he will trap rodents, perform thorough rodent removal, and then provide rat and mice proofing services to prevent a future rodent infestation.

    Rat and Mice Proofing Your Property

    The final step in rodent management and rodent control is rat and mice proofing your property to guarantee that you won’t suffer from another rodent infestation in the future. Your rat control expert already identified potential access points for mice and rats during his rodent infestation inspection. He will seal these entry points off using wood, metal, plaster, concrete, or mesh screening. He can also identify and repair damages caused by your rodent infestation.

  • Comparing Rats and Mice

    It’s important to be able to identify rats and mice in order to determine if you need to contact a rat or mouse exterminator for rodent control near San Jose . Mouse and rat removal and rodent control services might vary depending upon the species of rodent infestation. Because mice and rats have such different habits, each requires different rodent management, rodent removal, and rodent proofing techniques.

    Mice and rats are both common causes of rodent infestations, and both require the professional services of a mouse exterminator or rat control expert. Mice have smaller heads, and their ears and eyes appear much larger in comparison. Rats are larger, and have longer, thicker tails. Both can enter your home or business through incredibly tiny cracks or holes, and will quickly begin building nests and breeding. Both carry and transmit dangerous diseases, illnesses, and pathogens. Both can cause significant damage to structures, wiring, furniture, and insulation.

    A rodent exterminator can offer safe, effective mouse and rat control, including identifying a rodent infestation, trapping mice and rats and performing mouse and rat removal, and providing comprehensive rat and mice proofing services that eliminate the risk of a future rodent infestation. rat infestation

  • Tips for Getting Rid of Birds

    The second that you notice signs of a bird infestation in San Jose on your commercial or residential property, you should contact a bird control company. A bird control company can provide absolute bird control, bird removal, and bird proofing services that will get rid of birds on your property once and for all. Here are some tips for how to get rid of birds on your residential or commercial property. bird infestation

    Identify the Type of Bird and What is Attracting It

    Your bird removal options and bird control services might depend upon the type of bird that has infested your property. State or federal law and local ordinances protect some bird species, and bird removal is prohibited. If the bird species is not protected, you must determine what is attracting it to your property. A key element of bird pest control is removing whatever is attracting the birds and promoting the bird infestation. The attractant might be a water source, food source, or ideal nesting environments.

    Bird Proof Your Property and Install Repellants

    Next, you should bird proof your property and install bird infestation repellants. Birds can enter your property through holes or cracks in windows, walls, roofs, and other structures. Completely repair or screen off any entry points to prevent a future bird infestation. You can also install perch repellants, such as bird spikes, on windowsills, eaves, awnings, and ledges. You can also use visual or auditory repellants, like statues and audio recordings, depending upon the species of bird infestation.

    Contact a Professional Bird Control Company

    You should not attempt to perform bird removal on your own. Instead, you must contact a professional bird control company. A bird pest control expert will have extensive training and experience in effective bird control services, bird proofing techniques, and legal bird removal procedures. He can help you completely eliminate your bird infestation, and prevent future bird infestations as well. Once he bird proofs your home or business, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with another bird infestation on your property.

  • The Premier Rodent Advantage

    A home infested by pests can disrupt your family’s comfort and sense of safety. Premier Rodent offers professional rodent control services in San Jose . Established in 1979, our company has extensive experience helping families manage rodent infestation from their homes, and specialize in services such as rat removal, animal trapping, and bird clean-up. Eliminating rodents from your home can prevent damage to your house and provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your family.

    We at Premier Rodent care about our clients and work with respect for your home and property. Our friendly rodent experts are skilled and experienced. If you suspect you have an infestation or need help keeping animals out of your home, we offer excellent service and can pest-proof your home with our bait, poison, and chemical-free proofing method. Premier Rodent provides rodent control and removal for a variety of vermin, including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats, mice, and birds. pest infestation