How to Control a Possum Infestation

Do you have possums that have set up shop in your backyard, underneath your deck, or even in your home? If so, you should know that there are simple steps you can take to get rid of them once and for all. If your possum infestation is beyond your own control, you can contact a rodent control company to help you out. Otherwise, you can take care of possum control serving Pleasanton by following these tips.


Remove Leaves and Other Debris From Your Yard

If you have large piles of leaves, dirt, or other debris in your yard, then you are providing possums with exactly what they need to survive. Additionally, if you routinely have food laying around in your yard or you grow fruit and vegetables in your garden, possums are going to congregate on your property. You should clean up your yard if you are dealing with a possum problem and get rid of the shelter and food that they are looking for when they come to your property.

Fence Off Areas of Your Yard That Provide Shelter for Possums

In addition to getting rid of debris in your yard, you are also going to need to fence off certain areas in order to keep possums out. Typically, possums flock to yards that have decks in them because they are able to make their way under the decks. If you find that possums are living under your deck, you can have fencing or wiring installed to keep them out. Just make sure you don’t trap them in when you install the new fencing as that could provide you with a new problem.

Call a Rodent Control Company If the Infestation Grows Too Large

If you take the steps listed above and still notice that possums are in your yard almost every night or, worse, trying to make their way into your home, you have a rodent control problem that needs to be handled by a professional company. They can use traps, bait, and other methods of possum control to get rid of them.