A Look at How To Prevent a Pigeon Problem

If you have a large number of pigeons hanging out on your property every day, then you know just how annoying they can be and how much of a mess they can make. But did you also know that a pigeon infestation can cause health risks and that you should have a rodent control company remove pigeons from your home or business? Premier Rodent can bird proof in Pleasanton for you and keep pigeons away from your property for good.

The best way to get pigeons to stay away from your property is to block the ledges, stoops, and openings that they use to nest and roost. We can inspect your property to see exactly where the pigeons are nesting, block off the access to these places and install wire mesh to discourage pigeons from landing on your home or business, and prevent a pigeon infestation. We can also help you clean up your property so that you don’t catch any of the diseases that can spread through pigeon droppings. When you call on Premier Rodent for rodent control, we will help you get rid of birds as quickly as possible.