• A Look at How To Prevent a Pigeon Problem

    If you have a large number of pigeons hanging out on your property every day, then you know just how annoying they can be and how much of a mess they can make. But did you also know that a pigeon infestation can cause health risks and that you should have a rodent control company remove pigeons from your home or business? Premier Rodent can bird proof in Pleasanton for you and keep pigeons away from your property for good.

    The best way to get pigeons to stay away from your property is to block the ledges, stoops, and openings that they use to nest and roost. We can inspect your property to see exactly where the pigeons are nesting, block off the access to these places and install wire mesh to discourage pigeons from landing on your home or business, and prevent a pigeon infestation. We can also help you clean up your property so that you don’t catch any of the diseases that can spread through pigeon droppings. When you call on Premier Rodent for rodent control, we will help you get rid of birds as quickly as possible.


  • A Look at the Health Dangers of a Bird Infestation

    You might think that the idea of a large number of birds gathering outside of your home every day is nice. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sitting and watching birds every now and then? However, if you have a bird infestation on your property, it could actually pose a huge health risk for you and your family, so you should have a rodent exterminator come to your home to get rid of it immediately. Here are just a few of the health dangers associated with a bird infestation in San Jose .



    When birds spend a lot of time on your property, they will of course leave behind droppings on just about everything. From the roof of your home to the soil in your yard, your property will be covered with fecal matter from the birds. These droppings can contaminate the dirt on your property and transmit fungal diseases like histoplasmosis. This disease can cause a series of flu-like symptoms and, in some cases, can even lead to pneumonia and death.


    Histoplasmosis isn’t the only fungal disease that can be transmitted by bird infestations. You should also seek the services of a rodent exterminator to prevent the spread of cryptococcosis. It can be transmitted to humans through the respiratory system as a result of contaminated soil and can have a big impact on those with compromised immune systems. It can cause a lung infection in people and, if left untreated, it can be fatal.

    Other Diseases

    While histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis are the most common health risks associated with birds in California, there are also many other diseases that can be transmitted due to a bird infestation. For example, psittacosis and toxoplasmosis have been linked to bird infestations and, like the other diseases listed here, they can cause everything from mild flu-like symptoms to death if they are not diagnosed quickly. All of these diseases should be taken seriously, and bird removal techniques should be used to clear your property of bird infestations to prevent them.

  • Touring the Do’s and Don’ts of Rodent Control

    When it comes to rodent control , you are probably willing to do just about anything to keep rats, mice, and other rodents out of your home. However, you should think logically before you attempt to take care of a rodent problem and work with a professional rodent exterminator in Pleasanton to be sure that you take care of it in the safest way possible. Otherwise, you could just make things worse. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of rodent control.


    Do Take the Proper Precautions to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

    There are many things you can do to keep rodents out of your house. For example, you can have a rodent control company seal any cracks or crevices on the exterior of your home that allow rodents to enter. You can also make sure you are sealing all of your food properly so that rodents can’t get to it if they do happen to make their way inside.

    Don’t Place Traps, Pesticides, or Poisons Where Children or Pets Can Access Them

    To get rid of a rodent infestation, you will likely need to use traps, pesticides, or poisons. These are all effective methods to exterminate rodents, but they can also cause a lot of harm if your children or pets are able to get to them. Make sure they are placed in spots that are not accessible to anyone.

    Do Hire a Rodent Exterminator to Help You

    While homeowners can usually take care of one or two small rodents on their own, rodents can reproduce very quickly and take over your home if you aren’t careful. At the first sign of trouble, you should have a rodent exterminator come to get rid of rats and mice so that they don’t infest your home.

    Don’t Stop Protecting Your Home From Infestations Once Rodents Are Gone

    Getting rid of rodents is only half the battle. Once a professional has helped you with your infestation, you should continue to work to keep rodents out of your home for good.

  • Tips for Eliminating a Rat Problem

    Rats can cause extensive damage and spread diseases to you and your pets if they are able to work their way into your home. It’s why you should take extreme rat control measures if you notice rats on or near your property. Watch this video to see how to get rid of rats in San Jose.

    One of the most effective ways to prevent rats from accessing your home is to use steel mesh to seal any holes that lead into it. Rats can chew through almost anything, so you should keep an eye on the holes to make sure they don’t find a way to get in. You should also remove any debris that exists inside and outside of your home to discourage rats from nesting. Call a rat control company if the problem gets out of hand and have them take care of rodent removal for you.