Spotlight on Absolute Bird Control

When most people hear the words “pest control,” they don’t think about birds. But birds and, more specifically, pigeons can be just as problematic for homeowners as mice, rats, and other pests that call for rodent control. They can cause problems by leaving their droppings all over the place. Premier Rodent uses Absolute Bird Control products and can help you with bird pest control near Pleasanton .

Unlike most other birds, the problem with pigeons is that they tend to stay in one spot for most of their natural lives. They are attracted to the scent of their mothers’ fecal matter when they are young and frequent the area where they first encountered it often. Their droppings can then kill plants, deface your property, and make your home unpleasant for visitors. By using products made by Absolute Bird Control, Premier Rodent can bird proof your property and keep pigeons away from your home. When you call on us for your rodent control needs, we will get rid of your bird infestation humanely and clean your home so that it doesn’t even look like you had a problem in the first place.

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