• Managing an Opossum Control Problem on Your Property

    While the sight of an opossum in your yard after dark might scare you, the truth is that opossums are, for the most part, harmless creatures that won’t cause much of a disturbance on your property. They also tend to move from place to place and probably won’t stay in your yard for very long. However, if they overstay their welcome, there are rodent control techniques you can use to get rid of an opossum. Try them before calling a rodent exterminator near San Jose. rodent control pleasanton

    Close Your Garbage Cans and Remove Food Sources

    Although opossums are often blamed for getting into garbage cans, they usually aren’t the culprits. Raccoons and other animals will often get into garbage cans and make a mess, which opossums are all too happy to clean up. Regardless of which animals are getting into your garbage, though, you can keep them away by snapping your garbage can lids shut and removing any food, like fruit that has fallen from a tree, from your yard.

    Cover the Space Under Your Deck or Patio With Netting

    If you have a deck or patio outside of your home that has space underneath of it, opossums will sometimes find their way under it and set up a nest. They will then stay there during the day before making their way out at night. If this is the case, you can prevent them from coming back by blocking off the space once they have left. Just be sure that you are keeping them out and not trapping them inside.

    Lock Pet Doors

    Occasionally, opossums can cause a serious need for rodent control by sneaking into homes through pet doors. If you notice an opossum wandering around outside, you should lock your pet door until the opossum has been removed from the property. You should also keep an eye out because opossums will use the pet doors and come into your home if you’re not careful. If this happens, close all the doors inside your home and call a company that specializes in opossum control services immediately.

  • Spotlight on Absolute Bird Control

    When most people hear the words “pest control,” they don’t think about birds. But birds and, more specifically, pigeons can be just as problematic for homeowners as mice, rats, and other pests that call for rodent control. They can cause problems by leaving their droppings all over the place. Premier Rodent uses Absolute Bird Control products and can help you with bird pest control near Pleasanton .

    Unlike most other birds, the problem with pigeons is that they tend to stay in one spot for most of their natural lives. They are attracted to the scent of their mothers’ fecal matter when they are young and frequent the area where they first encountered it often. Their droppings can then kill plants, deface your property, and make your home unpleasant for visitors. By using products made by Absolute Bird Control, Premier Rodent can bird proof your property and keep pigeons away from your home. When you call on us for your rodent control needs, we will get rid of your bird infestation humanely and clean your home so that it doesn’t even look like you had a problem in the first place.

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  • What Are Your Mouse Control Options?

    Mice can be very problematic for homeowners, because they can reproduce quickly and a small infestation can turn into a large infestation in no time. For this reason, you should take the necessary steps to eradicate mice from your home and call a rodent exterminator if an infestation becomes too big for you to handle. Check out some techniques you can try to get rid of mice in Pleasanton . pest control pleasanton


    One of the most effective ways to take care of a small mice infestation is to set several traps throughout the area where you suspect the mice to be. There are a variety of traps on the market, including everything from traditional spring-loaded snap traps to more humane traps that will capture mice and keep them alive. You should buy the traps that you feel most comfortable with and set several of them to see what you catch. You will quickly find out just how bad your mouse control problem is.


    If you don’t feel comfortable setting mouse traps throughout your home or you have found that the mice in your home don’t seem to be attracted to them, poison is another option that you have. Rodenticides are available in most hardware stores and can be used to kill mice. All you need to do is set up the poison where the mice are located in your home, and they will be attracted to it. Some poisons require multiple feedings to be effective, but you can get rid of mice with this method. A rodent exterminator can help you set up the poison if you need help doing it.


    This is, hands down, the best way to get rid of mice. If you have them in your home, they are getting into the house somehow. By finding out how they’re doing it and blocking their entrances, you can get rid of them once and for all. If you can’t find the locations on your own, you should call a rodent management company to come and mouse-proof your home for you.

  • Signs of a Rodent Problem in Your Attic

    If you suspect that you may have rodents running around in your attic, there are some signs you can look for before calling a rodent exterminator. Watch this video to see some of the signs that might indicate you need rodent control services in San Jose, Pleasanton .

    Once you have identified the possible presence of rodents, you should reach out to a rodent exterminator immediately for help. Mice and rats can reproduce very quickly and can spread many diseases within a home. Left untreated, a rodent infestation could wreak havoc and force you to do serious repairs to your home. Take care of the problem before it becomes too big for you to manage, and you will be able to get rid of rodents in your attic right away.