Identifying Some Common Species of Rats

If you have rats inside of your home or business, you’re probably not all that concerned with what species of rat it is. You just want a rodent exterminator to come in and take care of them as quickly as possible! It’s worth noting that there are many different species of rats, though, and that they each have their own distinct traits. When you work with a company to get rid of rats in San Jose they will be able to identify the species of rat causing you problems. Here are a few of the most common kinds. rodent removal in san jose

Norway Rats

If you have rats in your home, there’s a very good chance that they are Norway rats . They are also called common rats, street rats, sewer rats, and brown rats, and they live in urban areas where people live. They are present on every continent in the world except Antarctica, and they are known to eat just about anything that they can find.

Black Rats

Also known as ship rats, roof rats, and house rats, this is also a very common species of rat. As their name would suggest, they typically have black fur and a long tail that is almost the same size as their body. Black rats are carnivores and can be very problematic for farmers because they enjoy eating up crops.

Kangaroo Rats

As you would probably guess, kangaroo rats earned their name because they move around by jumping. Some of them can jump as far as six feet in a single bound, and they can reach heights of nine feet when they jump vertically. They have tan fur and eat seeds, and they can go for long stretches of time without drinking any water.

Pack Rats

Pack rats are larger than most other kinds of rats and have bushy tails that set them apart. They eat vegetation, seeds, acorns, and other things that you find outdoors and prefer to live within rocks and caves. They don’t usually like to live inside of manmade structures, but they will do it occasionally. A rodent exterminator can help you get rid of these rats.