Identifying Nuisance Wildlife in Your Backyard

Getting rid of rats from inside the house might be high priority, but rat control serving San Jose and Pleasanton is not the only pest control service you might need for your property. There are many other animals that might cause problems for your backyard, and their sneaky ways might enable them to “fly under the radar” while doing so. Opossums, raccoons, and bats are just a few examples of wildlife that can do a significant amount of damage to your backyard. If you’re getting ready to schedule rodent control services, keep reading to learn more about nuisance wildlife that might be in your backyard.

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Although opossums typically favor outdoor areas like your backyard, they might sometimes make themselves at home in your garage or attic as well. They will feel especially welcome if you have a garden that they can feed from, and their preferred diet includes grains, fruits, and insects. Spotting one opossum may mean that many more are nearby; each litter produces about seven offspring, and litters can be born up to three times each year. These nuisance pests may make a mess if they find their way into your attic or garage, and sometimes, they might hiss and bite if they perceive you as threatening.

Since raccoons are nocturnal and more active at night, you might not actually see the one that has been causing problems on your property. However, you can identify the presence of this nuisance wildlife by the signs it leaves behind. Raccoons are inclined to rummage through garbage to feed off of scraps and may damage your garden while foraging for food. They may also attempt to enter your home in order to make a den, and they will even rip off shingles in order to do so. It is wise to have a professional pest and rodent control service deal with your raccoon problem.

In addition to frightening many individuals, bats can also be hazardous to your health. Bat droppings allow for the growth of harmful fungi that can cause a multitude of health complications in humans. You might find bats in crevices in backyard trees or rocks, as well as in attics.