The Steps in the Pigeon Control Process

Pigeons are particularly bothersome pests, and since they can fly they are much trickier to catch than rodents. If you have a pigeon problem on your property, you need to contract a San Jose bird control professional to help you remove them and ensure that they don’t return.

Pigeon | San Jose First, the Pleasanton bird control experts will begin with an inspection of your property, then give you a plan with a cost estimate. Then they will remove any visible nests from your property, including those they might find on the roof, in gutters, and in trees. After that, they will pressure-wash any areas of your house where they see signs of pigeon droppings to remove these potentially disease ridden stains. Finally, they can begin installing the pigeon control devices suggested in the original plan and estimate. This can include bird wire, spikes, screens, mesh, and electric shock systems, among other things. Periodically, schedule inspections with your San Francisco bird control provider to make sure that the pigeons haven’t adapted to the deterrents or found new places on your property to nest.