Preventing Rodents from Entering Your Home

Many Bay Area homeowners struggle with rodent management. While there are many ways a professional can remove rodents in your home, the best type of rodent control in Pleasanton is prevention. A rodent infestation can be unsettling and pose a threat to your family’s health. Keep reading to learn about rodent management and how to prevent rodents from entering your home.


Rodents are always on the lookout for shelter, especially the kind of shelter that offers food and drink. Houses inhabited by humans typically provide all the necessary components for rodent survival. The first step to keeping rodents from entering your home is making it difficult to do so. They can intrude through a ripped door screen, a broken window, your chimney, or even the space under your exterior doors. It is important to fix your screens and windows and add sweeps to your doors to make it difficult for rodents to enter your home.

Preventing Rodents from Entering Your Home Food Storage

There is no better area for a rodent infestation than one where food is plentiful. Always take your garbage out as soon as it’s full and make sure you do not leave scraps of food in your living spaces. Food stored inside cabinets should be further protected with airtight storage containers. If you suspect that your food has been claimed by rodents, throw it away immediately. It could be infected with some rodent-borne disease.

Moisture Levels

If you do not plan on calling your exterminator for rodent removal on a regular basis, it is imperative that you control the moisture levels in your home. This is not only applicable for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, but also for basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Fix any leaky pipes or drain clogs as soon as possible or run the risk of creating a welcoming environment for mice and rats.