How to Deal with Pigeons Humanely

A bird infestation isn’t just a nuisance—it can also be a health threat. For the sake of your safety, you might consider using any means necessary to get rid of birds. However, there are a number of humane ways that a bird control expert in Pleasanton can help. Keep reading to learn about how to deal with pigeons humanely.

Eliminate Food Sources

When it comes to rodent management and pest control of any kind, food is typically an issue. Whether it’s at the park or on a picnic table, pigeons will flock to any open source of food. In this case, the simple solution is to ensure that birds do not have access to food. Make sure children do not attempt to feed pigeons outside the home or they will keep returning for more food, typically in larger numbers.

How to Deal with Pigeons Humanely Minimize Nesting Areas

Pigeons like to set up their nests in sheltered areas where they can be comfortable and protected from the elements. Many roofs provide these luxuries and thus are very attractive to birds. Fortunately, you can keep pigeons away from these areas easily and humanely. You can make alcoves with flat surfaces inaccessible by closing them off with netting, wires, or electric strips. You can also place boards over these alcoves so birds cannot easily land inside them.

Utilize Birth Control

One interesting and unique way to deal with a bird infestation is to control the pigeons’ ability to procreate. Even a small group of pigeons can rapidly turn into a large flock as a result of the birds’ ability to nest at any point in the year. Contraceptive bird feed can eliminate this ability by preventing eggs from developing, thereby minimizing hatching rates. This type of humane bird control helps keep the pigeon population manageable and allows other humane techniques to remain effective.