Tips for Getting Rid of Mice

Winter is nearly upon us, and that means mice will be looking for someplace warm to call home during the cooler months. To prevent mice and other rodents from moving in, take steps to make your home less rodent friendly. For starters, move wood piles away from your home and keep shrubs and plants well-trimmed to take away hiding places for mice. Also make sure to control any potential food sources in and around your home. This means picking up any spilled trash around the garbage can and making sure to clean up crumbs and spills in the kitchen.

Watch this video for more tips on managing mice around your home. If you suspect that a few unwanted critters have already moved in, contact a rodent management company in Pleasanton and let the professionals get rid of mice for good. Call your rodent exterminator before a couple of mice turns into a huge infestation.