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Blog Posts in January, 2017

Reasons Not to Ignore a Potential Rat Infestation

A rat infestation can be alarming, damaging, and even harmful for your health. The sooner you call your exterminator for rat removal in Pleasanton, CA, the sooner you can enjoy a safe, comfortable, ...
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The Link Between Tree Trimming and Squirrel Proofing

Rats, mice, and squirrels can all get into your garden or even your home from the outside, which is why many homeowners consider rodent proofing in Pleasanton, CA. One particular dynamic to ...
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How to Repair a Hole in a Screen

Homeowners have plenty of choices when it comes to mouse proofing in Pleasanton, CA, and screens can be quite effective in keeping rodents out of the home. They won’t be very effective if there ...
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Understanding Winter Rodent Infestations

During the winter season, your home offers a warm and cozy shelter for unwanted creatures of all kinds. Rats and mice are among the most common invaders that may enter your home during the coldest ...
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