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Blog Posts in July, 2016

Can Mothballs Keep Mice at Bay?

If you’re looking into different methods for rodent prevention near San Jose, then you may have heard about the use of mothballs. These fumigants are designed to keep moths out of particular ...
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Simple Ways to Tell If Your Rodent Removal Was Successful

After your rodent exterminator has finished rodent removal, you should still remain vigilant against future infestations in your San Jose or Pleasanton home. Most exterminating services will offer a ...
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Protecting Your Home from Bats

Many rodent exterminators will also provide their expertise on removing bats and other wildlife from your home. These annoying pests can bring diseases and destruction into your home. Watch the video ...
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How to Close the Door on Rodent Entries

When you are rat and mice proofing near San Jose and Pleasanton, there are some key entry points you do not want to miss. These areas allow the rodents easier access into your home. By finding these ...
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