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Blog Posts in December, 2015

Managing an Opossum Control Problem on Your Property

While the sight of an opossum in your yard after dark might scare you, the truth is that opossums are, for the most part, harmless creatures that won’t cause much of a disturbance on your ...
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Spotlight on Absolute Bird Control

When most people hear the words “pest control,” they don’t think about birds. But birds and, more specifically, pigeons can be just as problematic for homeowners as mice, rats, and ...
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What Are Your Mouse Control Options?

Mice can be very problematic for homeowners, because they can reproduce quickly and a small infestation can turn into a large infestation in no time. For this reason, you should take the necessary ...
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Signs of a Rodent Problem in Your Attic

If you suspect that you may have rodents running around in your attic, there are some signs you can look for before calling a rodent exterminator. Watch this video to see some of the signs that might ...
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