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Why Rodents Want to Make Your House into Their Home

Much like humans, rodents head indoors when outdoor conditions are not favorable; unlike humans, rodents do not contribute to the rent for this luxury. Pleasanton residents often enlist rodent exterminators to get rid of mice, rats, and other pests. Still, it may help to understand why pests invade.

Why Rodents Want to Make Your House into Their Home

Rodents, like most organisms, need sustenance and shelter to survive. Human homes typically meet these needs and thus are attractive to rodents. Rats and mice can sneak into homes thanks to their ability to fit through very small spaces and stay out of sight. Rodent management is most effective if you prevent pests from entering your home in the first place; once they make their way inside, professional rodent removal becomes the priority. Make sure you seal any holes, cracks, or gaps that may provide access to your home so you can reduce the chances of rodent infestation. It's also important to seal the food in your pantry, as rodents are drawn to food items.

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