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Blog Posts in December, 2014

The Damage Caused by Opossums

Opossums are skilled climbers, so it is easy for them to gain entry into a home through the foundation vents or even drain pipes while foraging for food. They are attracted to bird feeders, pet food ...
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Pesky Pest Problems and You [INFOGRAPHIC]

While some people like to keep mice, rats, or birds as pets, for most people, the presence of rodents or birds in the house is not a good thing. As winter draws closer, more and more pests will start ...
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Why You Don't Want Pigeons Around Your House

In addition to leaving behind their feathers, eggs, and droppings, pigeons put people at risk for disease. Unfortunately, pigeons are a huge problem in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you need bird ...
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How to Deal with Pigeons Humanely

A bird infestation isn't just a nuisance—it can also be a health threat. For the sake of your safety, you might consider using any means necessary to get rid of birds. However, there are a ...
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Keeping Pigeons Away from Your House

Your home should never be invaded by unwanted visitors—birds included. Unfortunately, many houses are very attractive to birds, which results in numerous calls to bird control services in San ...
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Preventing Rodents from Entering Your Home

Many Bay Area homeowners struggle with rodent management. While there are many ways a professional can remove rodents in your home, the best type of rodent control in Pleasanton is prevention. A ...
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